cindy bakker

B    23 - 08 - 1989
SA  Parallelstraat 4B, 3043 GN Rotterdam         
T    +31 624739002

I have a flat experience of the world.
My gaze focusses on large planes of colour that appear everywhere around me. From traffic signs, construction sights, beehives or trashbins. They seem to be universal in its shape and colour and designed for its function. Seeing the world through shapes and colour means, flattening space and I question how to relate to all the signs and signals that surround me. Within this rectangular frame these things behave as if in a theatre setting, as if on a stage. In my work I highlight what for stands out in an overload full of information.

With my work I create specific objects, regarding visual signs that are on the boundaries of recognition and alienation. I want to offer a primary experience and show new and existing collective associations and interpretations. Using a diverse range of media: mostly sculpture, painting or installation, I create things that stand out in the mass of information and become specific.

Cindy Bakker, 2019

Part of Patty Morgan


2016 – 2018    Master Fine Art, AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch
2009 – 2013   Bachelor Lifestyle Design, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
2005 – 2009  Communication Design, Nimeto, Utrecht

Solo exhibitions
2021   Soft Cover, Het Archief, Rotterdam forthcoming
2020  Copy paste, Wallspace, TAC, Eindhoven
2019   Superbox, De Vitrine, Rotterdam 
2019   Put it to work, Moira, Utrecht
2018   According to the rules, Witte Rook, Breda
2015   Cindy Bakker, Shell HQ, The Hague 
2015   Koffie Karton, EXBunker, Utrecht
2013   ISME, graduation show, Willem de Kooning, Rotterdam

2021   The Splash, Arttenders x Cindy Bakker, Annie M.G.Schmidtplein, Rotterdam forthcoming

2017   Witte Rook, Breda (sup. by BKKC and Gemeente Breda)
2016   Art Gouda, Het Oude Weeshuis, Gouda

Grants and nominations
2021   Grant, Stichting Stokroos
2020  Grant, Stipendium for Emerging Artists, Mondriaan Fund
2020  Grant, Josine de Bruyn Kops Fund
2019   Grant, Impuls Fund, Gemeente Utrecht
2019   Nomination, Buning Brongers Prize, Amsterdam
2018   Grant, Gemeente Breda
2013   Nomination, Fontanel Talent, Utrecht
2013   Nomination, Drempel prize, Rotterdam

Group shows
2021   Galerie Bart, Show with Marleen Sleeuwits, Nijmegen forthcoming
2021   RR, Platvvorm, Deinze, BE (Roger Raveel, Toon Boeckmans, Nello Margodt, Floris Hoorelbeke, Cindy Bakker, Veerle Beckers, Ode De Kort, Myrthe van der Mark, Ronny Delrue en Benoît Félix) forthcoming
2021   Student Hotel X Stichting Pottage, Rotterdam forthcoming
2021   Yes, Again! Patty Morgan, Amsterdam
2020  Utrecht Down Under, Utrecht
2020  Vlakleuruimte, Zaalzuid, Hengelo  (Show with Jochem Rotteveel and Celia Hadeler)
2020  BIG Art, Hembrug, Zaandam
2020  Tropicana, Rotterdam 
2020  Bees, De Hortus, Amsterdam
2019   South explorer, Studio Pompstraat, Rotterdam
2018   What do we dance for, Nectar Gallery, Tbilisi
2018   Cafeteria, Graduation Show, Kaaijhallen, akv st joost, s’Hertogenbosch (sup. by  Gemeente Breda)
2017   Akv st joost master fine art, Cultuurnacht, Electron, Breda
2017   De keet, CODE ROOD, Arnhem (duoshow with Evelien Seegers)
2017   Watdajel Art Festival, Utrecht
2016   Nieuwe liefde, Kunstliefde, Utrecht
2015   Fashion & Object, projectspace, C&H Art Space, Amsterdam
(Jedithja de Groot, curator. Egon Van Herreweghe, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Maurice van  Es, QiuYang)
2015   Immunity Modernity, Leuven (Christina Seyfried, curator. Oshin Albrecht and Melissa Mabesoone, Han Decorte, Carlien De Koninck, Jolien Dirix, Eva Gheysen, Katharina Knaus, Verena Ledig, Emanuel Mensah Agyapong, Nicolina Sa, Se_Ren_Dip Trio)
2015   Is this art, De Brandweer, Maastricht
2015   Nieuwkomers, Showroom MaMa, Rotterdam
2014   UAMO International Art Festival, München
2014   UAMO International Art Festival, Leuven
2014   Assembled by Root gallery, Rotterdam
2014   Art and design, Pastoe, Utrecht
2014   NEW Dutch Photography GUP, NHOW Hotel, Rotterdam
2014   Rotterdam Talents , NN DE Cafe Galerie, Rotterdam
2013   What can be made, Vierhavens, Rotterdam
2013   NEW Dutch Photography Talents, GUP Gallery, Amsterdam
2013   Dutch Design Week, Radio Royaal Strijp-S, Eindhoven
2013   Veerstichting Symposium, Sint-Pieterskerk, Leiden
2013   Fontanel Finals, Kapitaal, Utrecht
2013   Impressed, Kadmium Gallery, Delft (Verena Blok, Anne Dijkstra en Boo van der Vlist, Emiel Gilijamse, Jorn Heidekamp, Catinka Kersten, Christa van der Meer, Ayfa van    Oeteren)

2018   Want op het moment is het goed, Roel Neuraij        

Publications print
2020  De Grote Kunstkalender 
2017   BKKC Breda
2016   Amsterdamse Kunstkalender
2015   VPRO Gids
2014   Volkskrant Magazine
2014   Converse Glamcult Kalender
2014   Glamcult Magazine

2014   NEW Dutch Photography, GUP Amsterdam
2013   ISME, edition of 50, self published

Publications online
2019   Fontanel magazine
2018   Mister Motley
2018   Kunst blijft een raadsel
2018   Witte Rook
2018   Lost Painters
2017   Patty Morgan
2017   CODE ROOD
2016   Mister Motley
2015   D!ng #13
2015   New Dawn
2014   Fontanel
2014   Glamcult
2014   New Dawn
2013   Vormplatform
2013   Fontanel
2013   Linda
2013   StudioAttenzione
2013   Krooning
2013   Smileinyourface

2019- now      Creative producer/ photographer, Studio HEN
2019                Praatgroep de Stoep,Moira Utrecht (in collaboration with founder of Praatgroep de Stoep, Eva Schalkwijk)              
2019                Artist talk, Studio Omstand, 20x20, Arnhem 2014- 2016     Assistent, Lars van den Brink
2014                Assistent, Marleen Sleeuwits
2014                Guest teacher, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam