Specific Objects

graduation show
akv st joost
den bosch 

photography peter cox

Think big! in a world where everything is getting big, expanding and blowing up. It feels as if everything is always under construction, where sites are full of signals that guide and alarm us visually and physically. A repetitive stripe of red and white, means to all of us; Attention! Be careful! Watch out! Danger! They get their dominant attention through shape, colour and repetitiveness, - elements that through time, transmit a certain meaning. This project project consists of 2 sculptures, a video installation and a painting that offer a sensory experience of these factors in a different framework. By searching a visual translation of a specific moment when something is in-between a function, use or design and undoing them from its function,- they have become specific. 

specific objects, kaaijhallen, s’ hertogenbosch

pictorial wall 250x 40x50cm (5 video’s, 5 screens, 30 min)
tube, 400x80x80cm, wood, acrylics

alarm , 600x400x200cm, wood, acrylics

tube, 400x80x80cm, wood, acrylics
      stop, 100x70 cm, acrylic rubber on canvas