Nothing more than an everyday object

Everyday objects painted in colours like bright yellow, deep green and baby blue seem to have strange shapes. Detached from their original function they have become sculptures, which can be admired for their colour, shape and material. Vacuum cleaners, cardboard coffee cups, or gasoline jerrycans remain recognizable, but I dispose of their original function and show that they can be repaired endlessly.

My fascination for everyday objects originated from my compassion for them as they are often quickly disposed and replaced. My work is generally a search of transforming these objects. I create the illusion that my work is painted or drawn, while in reality they are large three-dimensional sculptures, which I isolate in a two-dimensional work. I use a lot of colour to trigger primary emotions, and give the viewer a sense of alienation by arranging the shapes in an unexpected form.

Cindy Bakker, 2016